Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Now this is really funny...

Yesterday I was just going through some articles on the website of Arab Times, and I found something very interesting. There was a section that reported the various topics discussed and proposals made in the national assembley. Now look at this:

Also discussed earlier in the day were plans to hike the monthly Kuwait University student allowance from KD100 to KD 150, on account of fees, books and transportation costs. “We need an answer from the government regarding its views on the subject. If they seek to postpone, we agree, but need to know of their intentions,” MP Saleh Ashour said. MPs Dr Waleed Al-Tabtabaei and Jamal Al-Omar said transportation costs alone amounted to KD100. “Students require a minimum of KD30 monthly for petrol and another minimum amount of KD70 for car installments. Is it right for them to ask their parents to drop them to college?” Tabtabaei questioned.

“We ask the Finance Committee to treat this as a matter of urgency,” Al-Omar said.

From the Arab Times, dated 02/05/2006

Now then, would'nt that be so bad? Asking mommy to drop you to college.

Oh so bad. So we should give them money to buy a car. Oh, KD 70 in installments each month! Oh poor child! Awww. Why don't you drive a second hand Honda City or perhaps a Kia or a Toyota Echo for that matter? No, no, my child wants to drive Hummer 2 and Corvette. He wants to zoom past traffic and senseless speeds and do wheelies on his Ducati to impress girls.

I do not want to sound sarcastic, but back in India I used to travel by train. And I paid nearly 700 fils for a three month pass.

Kuwait has really changed a lot. I really feel worried about its future. The older generation had guys who were hard working and honest. And look at the MPs today, what are they trying to support? I do not even want to waste any of my energy thinking about tomorrow's MPs.

I don't have any attachment with the country (I know you will tell me so pack up and leave. Up yours, I say.) Though I was born and brought up here. I find it hard to call the country mine, especially when I am denied a lot of rights and opportunities. I am not cribbing about that. I know I am sitting here and earning my money. So I am exploiting the country as much as it has decided to exploit me. I will make my cool million and ride off into the sunset. But what will happen to this country in the future?

You can not keep feeding and pampering the child. You need to kick his butt and make him see and realise the real world.

Just for the record KD 150 is:
- the combined salary of two Bengalis who clean the road
- nearly the combined salary of two guys working in a fast food joint
- the quarterly fees of an Indian school
- the annual fees of an Arabic shool
- a 1988 chevrolet...


  • that is just prepostrously ridiculous.... an allowance? how about their parents pay for it, or beter yet the poor students get jobs.

    By Blogger ... jacek ..., at 4:55 am  

  • Kuwait, there are very few 'poor students'.

    Anyways, the Government really takes care of them. A lot!

    By Blogger Riddle Of The Sand, at 8:52 am  

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