Saturday, March 25, 2006

Working in the sand

I was coming back from the airport the other day and on my way back I saw yet another Man in Orange cleaning the roads.

My taxi stopped at the signal, and he was busy cleaning all the dust coming on the streets. There was a car next to my taxi, with three Bengladeshis in it. One of them opened the window and called this chap. I thought that they were just trying to tease him or something, but to my surprise, they offered him some money.

I overheard them and they were telling him that he was working hard and they knew how it was. The chap just refused to take the money. He smiled, looked down, and continued to clean the road.

Most of Kuwait is dependent on so many Men in Orange. Very rarely do they get the respect that they deserve.

This post is dedicated to all the Men in Orange.


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