Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mithibai !!! Wah !!!

What I really miss about Mithibai are the Vada Paos.

Mmmm. Yummylicious.

Being a hostelite, we guys did eat out a lot and also had the opportunity to frequent many unknown and well known eateries across Bombay.

But the best of the junk food lot were Vada Paos. Cheap and filling.

The best one's were made near Mithibai. They used to have extra butter and chilli powder that tasted really delicious.

At second place would be the Vada Pao at Quality Stall near Andheri station (West).

Anyways, college was really chill. But the emphasis on studies and attendances was a lot more than what it was in the run of the mill B.Com course.

Despite that, I did manage to make most of my time either sleeping, listening to music, or just going back to the hostel.

The hostel was like a monastery for me. Instantly I would attain mental nirvana when there.

More on the hostel in the next post.

Working in the sand

I was coming back from the airport the other day and on my way back I saw yet another Man in Orange cleaning the roads.

My taxi stopped at the signal, and he was busy cleaning all the dust coming on the streets. There was a car next to my taxi, with three Bengladeshis in it. One of them opened the window and called this chap. I thought that they were just trying to tease him or something, but to my surprise, they offered him some money.

I overheard them and they were telling him that he was working hard and they knew how it was. The chap just refused to take the money. He smiled, looked down, and continued to clean the road.

Most of Kuwait is dependent on so many Men in Orange. Very rarely do they get the respect that they deserve.

This post is dedicated to all the Men in Orange.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ethics and integrity at work

Working as a consultant is a bit frustrating, especially for guys like me - reason is cos I am ardently stand by my ethics and integrity.

Few of my collegues here go around just copy - pasting stuff off from other reports. I did not even do that during college so blatantly! And imagine this!

Working on an assignment right now, and my collegue wants me to put in graphs and diagrams to make it look 'sophisticated' and 'sexy'. His take is that our client does not care shit, and all this jazzy stuff will impress him. Even if we copy paste stuff he is not going around checking the integrity.

So does that justify us ripping off some one else's hard work ?

I do not agree.

Planning to talk to my boss about it, but at the back of my mind something tells me that my integrity will be seen more as an obstacle rather than a quality to be appreciated.

Lets see.

College hunting and more

Coming back to blogging after a very long sabattical. Was thinking about the July 26th post, and I am too overwhelmed to write anything about it. Maybe sometime when I get my thoughts in place.

Yes so coming search...

My cousin was studying in Rizvi College and had taken admission in B.Com there. At the same time, he had also enrolled for the BMS (Bachelors in Management Studies) entrance exam and had erolled me for the same as well.

Now for those of you who do not know, BMS was a new course, and we would have been the first batch if we secured admission in it. But to be on the safer side, we had to take admissions in B.Com, just in case if God forbid we did not get admission in BMS then?!

I had scored a distinction in my 12th exams, and went along with my cousin for admission in Rizvi. Due to me being from the CBSE board, I would get an added 5%, so that made me look like some genious :p

Anyways, to my surprise, the college asked for donation (I am like wtf ?!! I can get admission into better colleges by merit !!!) Walked out, and got admission in MMK (no donation paid).

But as fate had it, did decently well in the BMS entrance exams (that is cos very few people had actually appeared for the exam), and got admission into Mithibai College.

Wah !!!

More on Mithibai and life and the BMS struggle in later posts.

I want to keep this short and crisp.