Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ethics and integrity at work

Working as a consultant is a bit frustrating, especially for guys like me - reason is cos I am ardently stand by my ethics and integrity.

Few of my collegues here go around just copy - pasting stuff off from other reports. I did not even do that during college so blatantly! And imagine this!

Working on an assignment right now, and my collegue wants me to put in graphs and diagrams to make it look 'sophisticated' and 'sexy'. His take is that our client does not care shit, and all this jazzy stuff will impress him. Even if we copy paste stuff he is not going around checking the integrity.

So does that justify us ripping off some one else's hard work ?

I do not agree.

Planning to talk to my boss about it, but at the back of my mind something tells me that my integrity will be seen more as an obstacle rather than a quality to be appreciated.

Lets see.


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