Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Work, dust, heat and all that...

all i see out of the window from office is dust. the building across the street is barely visible. despite the thick cloud, it is still 40 degrees outside.
apart from the weather, there is work that is keeping spirits down. i do not know how many times have i had to deal with clients that are either plain stupid, completely ignorant and arrogant.
it is surprising the kind of people you meet as a consultant. people have money, have it invested, and now want you to tell them it is a wise and feasible investment...otherwise you are not doing your job.
and with all these factors to raise your spirits, is the knowledge that you have to sit back each day in office till late trying to finish work. and by late it is around 9pm everyday.
it is taking its toll. just keeping paitence as i hope someday all this will be worth the wait.