Saturday, May 12, 2007

blogging seems like too big a effort for sometime now. too many things that are just putting me down.
i know i am not giving more than 1% on the job front - it has been a long time since i was challenged, and when the challenge came along...the motivation was dead.
never really was motivated by materialism, but nowadays i seem even more detached from it.
its not change of scenery that i want. i just want a break.
i find simple pleasure in trying to fix up a television - pleasure that i do not find in warming my seat in front of a laptop and pretending to be a financial consultant.
maybe if i could drive a cab (only if i had a license!), or maybe if i cud fish, fix cars, fix televisions, fix computers...anything that can keep me interested.
slowly with everyday when i compare myslef how i am today with what i was three years ago and what i wanted to become - i see a vast gap.
lost in the middle of the desert, without any direction, i don't feel like seeking directions anymore.
maybe that is why there is no title to this post.

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