Saturday, May 20, 2006

Conspiracy theory...

This is Dan Brown week, and The Da Vinci Code is getting a lot of flack/publicity for being a scam!

I really got inspired, my brain juices started flowing, and I made my own theory about an issue that has taken India by storm. Yes, the quota raj.

This week has seen the OBC and SC/ST students also protest against the quotas. But are the politicians listening? I doubt. Now then, an issue that is splitting a nation apart, why are the politicians refusing to listen???

Here is my theory...

Education is an essential service. So, no matter what the cost, people will pay through their noses for it.

India is 'shining'...stock market is going ga-ga, real estate prices are hitting the roof, entrepreneurs are becoming successful.....and more importantly, the middle income people have never had it so good!

So, now these middle income guys are making money we can milk more money out of them, thought someone. Already due to the acute shortage of seats, students' parents are willing to cough up huge donation money to secure seats for their kin.

Demand and supply theory dictates that if you decrease the supply, the prices go up. And that is what will happen with the quotas. "Cause and effect", as Merilvinge said in "Matrix Reloaded".

What has all this got to do with the politicians turning deaf I hear you say? Ahem. Every politician worth his salt runs a college...

I think now you are smart enough to figure the point I want to make.

That, my dear friends, is how to define a conspiracy theory.

Thank you!

On similar lines, the rents in Kuwait also shot up immediately after the nurses had a pay rise. Some landlord must have thought, "Oh so now they can afford more rent. What demand and supply !!!"

As time goes by, slowly the concept of demand and supply are losing their relevance mainly due to the formation of cartels across. We had them in real estate in the Middle East, now we are having the same in education institutes in India.

Ah the world of capitalism! How I eagerly wait for it, but alas, it shall never come.


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