Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Reservations are not on

It is just not fair. 50% of reservations! Do Kuwait or Saudi Arabia ask India if she is poor and then decide to sell her crude? No!

It is increasingly getting competitive, globally. Japan has shown the fruits of meritocracy, and yet in India some stupid politicians want reservations, and more of them. If the ones already were not enough!

I scored 156 in the CET, and had to settle for a college that did not figure in the top 20 management institutes in Bombay itself! And I check the mark list for OBC and SC/ST students. Guess what? Their topper scored 108 marks! Smart he must be. Because if I had only attempted the written part of the CET, where I scored a neat 132, and refused to attend the group discussion and interview round, I would have still topped!

Man, and he got into JBIMS! Ranked amongst the top ten management institutes in India!

Even after more than 50 years of hand holding and reservations, if they could not uplift themselves, then hard luck. What else can I say?

With a 156, I am ranked out of the top 200. With a 108, he tops. Is this fair?

The difference between the toppers of my college and the remaining students was huge. And these guys were not even from the reserved category. Imagine the intellectual gap between the students at JBIMS.

And what surprises me most is the fact that these from the ‘oppressed class’ are nowhere to be seen protesting against the anti reservation stand.

For a fact, the 20% of Indians belonging to the general category contribute 80% of the individual tax collections. Have they not done their bit? They paid for your bus ticket, now you want them to get up and offer you their seat as well? Shame on you.


  • "With a 156, I am ranked out of the top 200. With a 108, he tops. Is this fair?"

    Whether or not this is fair depends on the background of that person. Maybe he/she didn't get access to the same level of education that you did just by the virtue of being born in the wrong family. In which case his/her 108 is as good or better than your 156.

    Don't get me wrong. I am against caste based reservations too. But not because they are unfair but simply because they largely ineffective in improving the condition of their target population.

    By Blogger laserlikefocus, at 5:17 pm  

  • I agree, I failed to communicate the fact that I do not agree with the current stand by the politicians to reserve places for them in private institutions and corporates.

    The corporates are for affirmative action - supporting them by providing them better schooling.

    Where as the politicians want to reserve posts.

    It is like this:

    The corporates want to teach the guys how to bat and bowl. Then if they are good enough, they will make it to the team.

    The politicians want them in the team, irrespective of their capabilities. The obligation is then on the team to teach them to bat and bowl.

    I hope to clear my point of view. Sorry for not being more clear in the initial post.

    By Blogger Riddle Of The Sand, at 8:14 pm  

  • Reservation politics is killing Indian talent and inviting more brain drain, nobody should keep silence about it provided he/she is truly Indian...

    By Anonymous Abhinav Gupta, at 12:20 am  

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