Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Confessions of an expat mind

I do not know why, but today all of a sudden I just realised something. Everytime, every where I go, all the expats are just whining and complaining about the complecent Kuwaiti locals.

All complain that they are overpreviliged, getting free lunch, wasting away their life. Then the conversation moves in the direction where everyone says, "...they should do this, do that, take away this previlige.....all for the future of the country."

For a fact, I can say that none of them, and confess not even I, am concerned genuinely about the future of Kuwait. There is no attachment. The only reason why we say all this "for the future of Kuwait" is simply because in some way or the other we all are jealous of the previliges enjoyed by them.

I mean, how many of us would want those previliges taken away from us, had we been given them? Nobody!

It might be a bad policy by the Government to protect its locals, but then which Government does not have a policy that does that? UK has got the work permit shmooze, US has the visa quota merry go ride...and on and on.

So why do we complain?

If we really are "concerned", then we should just shut up and instead push for political reforms where we expats not only have a say in Government policy, but also are given a reason to call Kuwait 'our motherland' - in a genuine sense.


  • You know what, I’ve been saying similar things for years… In fact, I think you’ve just inspired my next blog entry. Thank you.

    By Blogger Tainted Female, at 1:02 pm  

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