Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fatwa against Sania Mirza...

some indian ulema has declared a fatwa against Sania Mirza for the way she dresses. allegedley, "it leaves nothing to imagination"! what a shame! and that comment coming from an never triggered any of my imagination.
fine she dresses skimpy, but wht else do you expect someone to wear in the sweltering heat playing tennis?
what irks me further more is this selective targetting. my question is why target only her? i mean there are others as well......take for example Katrina Kaif in THAT left nothing for imagination.
then there are guys as well...Salman Khan has roamed around in chaddis since times immemorial, last i heard, there is a dress code prescribed for men as well. should'nt the fatwa racket include all these people as well?
well anyways, that just shows where the indian ulemas are...
i just hope that they mature up and open up some more. instances like these go on to promote Islam as a strict and authoritarian religion...which in fact it is not. to top it off, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) went on to emphasise that Islam is not to be forced on anyone.


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