Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mumbai rains...

well, there have been these forwards going around comparing the aftermath of katrina in us with the rains in bombay on the 26th of july.
let me just tell one thing to every indian who "basks in pride" with such a comparison - just shut up and get your head checked.
it is a shame that we guys are feeling "proud" of such a comparison. it is pathetic.
first things first, new orleans was hit by a HURRICANE, while bombay just received rain. i can bet that if a hurricane were to hit bombay.....we would have seen only half of it now, do not forget bombay is built on reclaimed that would mean it would be half of what it is today
secondly, the hurricane and rains kept lashing new orleans for days, in bombay they lasted for roughly 12 hours.
and lastly and most importantly, it is such a shame that people want to score browny points over some elses tragedy. if law and order was maintained in bombay, it was despite the authority, not due to it, and because of the generally helping nature of all mumbaikars.
let us stop this kind of crappy comparison and instead convey our empathy and prayers towards those suffering due to katrina.
God bless


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