Monday, July 02, 2007


Yesterday my dad received a call from the ministry. Seems like they were calling up people to inform them that there might be a power and water supply cut during the summer, so they were suggesting everyone to use less water and electricity.

That is really a very nice initiative by the ministry, and I applaud them for their efforts.

Anyways, just for the ministry, here are my 2 cents worth of advice:
1. Request all buildings, villas and hotels that have halogen lamps to illuminate the structure to switch them off - halogen lamps guzzle down electricity like a V12 engine guzzles gasoline
2. Turn off the lights of all road side advertisement hoardings after 10 pm - what are the odds that someone would give them a glance at that time of the night? Plus, driving at 120 km/hr., it is very difficult to capture the information the hoardings are trying to give within one second - I wonder why do we even have them hoardings near the highways ?!
3. Keep a tab on construction. The place where I live, the landlords are demolishing 3 floor buildings to construct 12 floor buildings, with twice the number of apartments on each floor. Furthermore, once they get the building certified by the ministry and get the electricity supply, they close the lobby and build apartments there as well and rent them out. Some also partition the apartments to increase the number of apartments they can rent out.

That is all that I can think of right now.

Anyways, I have seen commercial buildings cutting down their usage. The building in which my office is located has turned off the lights on the staircase, and no longer have the central airconditioning switched on continuously.

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