Monday, January 15, 2007

What is it with Indian news channels?

I reached home at 6 pm Kuwait time, switch on the TV.

All the way up to 9 pm they were showing one 'breaking news' - Ash and Abhishek are getting married.

Whopee. Happy happy joy joy.

What in the world? India is such a large country, and THIS is news?

I am sorry!

Let me put this straight -
1. I am not interested in people's personal lives
2. 'News' about people's personal lives = bitching / gossip
3. It's a news channel, not a tabloid

Can't help pointing this out, but the Aaj tak and Star News have only 30 minutes of business news for a day that keeps repeating for 24 hours. The rest of the time is occupied by two - three stories, that depending on the occassion will be based either on a movie celebrity, a sport sorry cricket celebrity or a political celebrity.

I switched off the TV at 9 pm since I had had enough. If someone tells me that Indian news media has jumped leaps and bounds - that is all fake. There is a long long way to go before they catch up with BBC; the direction they are going towards they would end up like CNN or Fox!

Case in point - two years ago there were bomb blasts in Bombay early morning. BBC has video coverage within 20 minutes, the first Indian news channel to get it was covering the news 2 hours later. In fact, it appeared on the tickers after BBC.

I rest my case.

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