Sunday, February 18, 2007

Buyer beware

I want to buy a new television, but surely am not going to buy a Wansa - my friends and their friends and friends of their friends have lavishly given me their feedback (invited and uninvited) informing me about the inability of Wansa to make a television that can stay on for more than a couple of hours.

The above is just a teaser, I have nothing against Wansa, and I am not buying a new television. But, people wanting to buy something do go out and take opinions and feedbacks of other people before taking their decision. Be it a car, a radio, a laptop or an MP3 player - we all ask our friends first.

This sharing of information is good for us as a consumer.

Now to the point - if I work for a shitty company, is it okay to 'inform' potential targets about it? Think about it - if you are about to join 'The Firm', wouldn't you have liked Tom Cruise to have told you all about it?

But if I do do it, it might attract a legal suit et all - all in the name of defamation etc.

In my opinion, people should openly share their experiences, especially the bad ones, about their company not only with their colleagues, but also with potential colleagues. As a potential employee, even I am a potential consumer. I am buying into their concept of an ideal workplace, the concept of a workplace where I will be able to fulfill my ambitions and meet my personal objectives while helping them do well as well.

I have personally dissuaded a big number of my friends from applying for my company. But can I take the name and talk about it online?

How to pursue the concept of "Buyer Beware" in this particular case? Any ideas?

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