Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pinciple of Authority

This is intertwined and supported by responsibility and accountability.

First off, responsibility and authority. Persons given responsibility for a task have to be given the commensurate authority in order to execute the task. Imagine I am responsible for watering Eden Gardens, but am not given the authority to enter the ground...you get the point I hope.

Secondly, accountability and authority. Without proper accountability, we will see a politician made out of an employee.

Most of the times companies are not able to allot sufficient accountability to their employees, and many of these employees go scot free even after some blatant exploitation of company rules. As a rule of thumb, it has been seen that the higher the designation, the lesser the accountability and greater the exploitation.

In general, there should be no exception. That will be brought out in the next principle - Principle of Discipline.


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