Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Anyone game for a match of fantasy football ???

At long last I am going to give you something!
I am going to prove, once and for all, that I would make a total success of a career as a football club manager if I so wished, and you would make an absolute disaster of one.
Using new genetic cloning technology, Italy want to use my DNA to create the next Marcelo Lippi, whilst only Togo and Costa Rica want yours. And that I choose to show my innate superiority by inviting you to join me in xperteleven, where looking down on you from my lofty top table perch throughout the tournament, I will occasionally wave to you in a condescending and rather ugly manner. If you must accept my challenge, it's completely FREE.
Here is how to prove me wrong:
Simply click here to register your team with xperteleven.
Then click on the following link to apply for a team in my league:
From there you will be able to register your team in my league.
You can apply for any of your favourite football team names.


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