Wednesday, July 26, 2006


After the blasts in Bombay a couple of weeks ago, many minister in India are sad that it has not adopted the same approach as Israel. First things first, what Israel is doing is deplorable. They are targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure. Perhaps some one has forgotten all about the holocaust. You do not hit two ambulances consecutively by mistake – they very well know what they are targeting at. I would depise my country if it did anything similar.

Moving over, there are three specific events whose occurrence I would like to point out.

Event 1: Saturday preceding the blasts – Curfew has been imposed in Bhiwandi where riots have been going on since three days. The police want to build a police station over a Muslim graveyard. The even is given a slight tone of communal bias.

Event 2: Sunday preceding the blasts – Bal Thackrey speaks out in public against Muslims and terrorists. He is well known for his role of inflammatory speeches that incited communal fires after the blasts in 1992.

Event 3: Monday preceding the blasts – Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh points out that he is disappointed about the fact that even today certain individuals and politicians want to divide the country on lines of religion.

The blasts were certainly very well planned. Let us assume that even if they took a week to plan, the occurrence of events 1 and 2 within such a short span of one another and the blasts is too much of a coincidence.

Pointing fingers and missiles towards Pakistan is not the solution.


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