Sunday, April 26, 2009

IPL gets eyeballs online!

though i am not a keen fan and follower of cricket, recent happenings have got me interested. it seems that an anonymous blogger by the name of "IPL Anonymous" is hitting more sixes online than any player in South Africa. the fakeiplplayer blog has attracted it fair share of attention with teams and boards coming out with strong statements against the blog. its popularity is such that the latest post on 24th April has received nearly 1,000 comments!!! rumours are floating around about the real identity of the blogger. what the site has done is made the IPL popular online as well. 

the blog is giving insider scoops and news on happenings on the pitch and off it as well, with a big pinch of satire. opinions are still out on the real identity and motive of the real blogger - it could be fact, it could be fiction, it could be a publicity stunt, it could be career suicide! 

all guesses apart, in my opinion this blog will redefine how the IPL interacts online. my guess is that next season onwards every team will have its own 'insider' that will be appointed officially to provide 'inside team news' to the online hungry public. each team would have its own 'blog' / website where the appointed insider would post all the latest news (albeit filtered news). remember, you read that first here :P

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